2018 | Month: | Volume:5 | Issue:3 | Page:93-101

Qualitative Assessment of Root Canal Treatment Risk Factors Failures among Patients at the Specialist Dental Center in Najran: A Clinical Survey

Ali M Almakrami, Yahia A Alyami, Abdullah M Al Yami, Jaber M Al Yami, Yousef H Almakrami, Nasser Nalalhareth, Mohammed F Alsalem, Abdullah M Alalhareth

Aim: To evaluate the quality of previous root canal treatment (RCT) among patients seeking retreatment in order to determine the actual reason for the failures. 

Materials and Methods: Survey was conducted between January and March 2018, among the patients seeking endodontic retreatment at the Dental Specialist Center in Najran City, KSA. Fifty patients with complaints to their RCT tooth were randomly selected for the study. All the patients were thoroughly examined clinically and teeth were radiographed.  All the examinations were done by the same person. Attempt was made to correlate the presenting signs and symptoms to the quality of the past treatment. A well prepared questionnaire was used to record the details of the clinical and radiographic examination. The data collected was used to evaluate the qualification and competency of the clinician to provide RCT of acceptable international standards.

Result: In the clinical part, 54% of cases reported with pain, 30% of intact fillings and sign of failure symptoms after few months from the RCT. In the radiographic part, most of cases presented with good obturation, high percentage of peri-apical radiolucency, overfilled, apical and internal resorption. Upto 6% were registered in cases with presence of broken instrument or perforations. All standard deviations were high.

Conclusion: The survey revealed very strong correlation between failures of endodontic treatment (FET) and disregard for the fundamental basics among the clinicians. Proper clinical training in dental schools and continuing dental education programmes would certainly improve the quality of RCT provided to the public.

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