2018 | Month: | Volume:5 | Issue:2 | Page:87-92

Study of biofilm formation and its correlation with highly drug resistant uropathogens in catheter-associated urinary tract infection

Jalila Qayoom, Neha Haswani, Vidya Pai

Aims and objectives: 1. To put culture and sensitivity of urine samples from catheterised patients with symptomatic and asymptomatic bacteriuria. 2. To detect the biofilm formation by tube adherence and tissue culture plate method. 3. To compare the antibiotic sensitivity between biofilm and non-biofilm forming organisms.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in the Department of Microbiology of Yenepoya Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore, India. A total of 100 bacterial isolates obtained from urine samples of catheterised patients were included in the study. The processing of the samples (culture and sensitivity) were done according to standard microbiological techniques. The biofilm formation was done by tube adherence and tissue culture plate method.

Results: Out of 100 uropathogens isolated, 96(96%) were Gram negative bacilli. Four isolates were Gram positive cocci. Amongst the Gram negative bacilli, E.coli were 69%, Klebsiella pneumoniae 19%, Acinetobacter species 5% and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3%. All gram positive cocci were Enterococci (4%). In the tube adherence method, the number of isolates showing biofilm formation was 51% and non-biofilm producers was 49%. By tissue culture plate method, the number of isolates showing biofilm formation was 63% and non-biofilm producers was 37%.The predominant organism showing biofilm formation  were K.pneumoniae(89%) followed by Acinetobacter spp. (40%).There was significant correlation between biofilm formation and multi-drug resistance.

Conclusion: Significant correlation between biofilm production and multi-drug resistance was observed in our study. The study will help the clinician to take a call on non-responding uropathogens and decide on better therapeutic options amongst those available in CAUTIs.

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