2018 | Month: | Volume:5 | Issue:2 | Page:51-55

AutoBT: A new Paradigm in Periodontal regeneration

Maya S Indurkar, Manjiree S Awad, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Urmila Samant, Cynthia D'Lima

Background:  Autogenous bone is an ideal material for the reconstruction of hard tissue defects, because it promotes osteogenesis, osteo-induction and osteo-conduction. The use of AutoBT, a novel bone grafting material produced from autogenous teeth, resulted in excellent bone healing based on an analysis of its inorganic components, surface structure and histologic evidence of the healing process.

Materials & Methods: Ten sites were included using the following inclusion criteria.  

Inclusion criteria: One or more sites  showing  intra-bony defect with probing pocket depth (PPD) ≥ 5mm, clinical attachment loss of ≥ 3mm, 2 or 3 wall intra-bony defects with radiographic defect of size ≥ 3 mm & in same patient mobile teeth indicated for extraction. In test group, among 5 sites, regenerative treatment was performed using tooth as autograft along with chorion membrane & in control group, 5 sites were treated with demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA) with chorion membrane. Clinical parameters such PPD, CAL were evaluated at baseline, 3 & 6 months & radiographic parameters at baseline & after 6 months of treatment.

Results: The patients treated by tooth as autoBT material with chorion membrane showed non- significant results to DFDBA with chorion membrane in intra-bony defects in all the clinical parameters. So AutoBT can be used as a useful alternative to DFDBA in periodontal regenerative therapy for intra-bony defects.

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