2017 | Month: | Volume:4 | Issue:3 | Page:76-85

A study about knowledge and awareness regarding post-extraction complications among dental interns of the College of Dentistry

Ali Atiyah Derrbish, Waaad Abbas, Mariam Ali Alrefai, Abdulrahman Mudaysh Bajawi, Ali Mansour Alqahtani

Background: The most common dental procedure done in the dental clinics is the extraction of teeth. Each dental practitioner should know the various complications that can happen during these procedures. Having the basic knowledge and awareness of these post-extraction complications can prevent the future untoward effects on the patients. Increased awareness and knowledge can decrease the incidence of post-extraction complications.
Aims of the study was to find out the knowledge and awareness of the post-extraction complications among the dental interns of the College of Dentistry, Jazan.
Materials and Methods: The study was done among the dental interns of the College of Dentistry, Jazan. A total of 60 interns were selected randomly for the study. Among these, 30 were male students and 30 were female students. The study was done with the help of pretested questionnaire consisting 11 questions regarding knowledge and awareness of the post-extraction complications.
Results: The number of students who responded with correct options was 72.5% and a greater percentage of correct answers were obtained in questions relating to common appearing complications following extractions. However, there was no significant difference in relation to the percentage of corrections options obtained by either male or female students.
Conclusion: Although the knowledge of Dental interns in relation to awareness of common complications post-extraction is adequate, however, they must update their knowledge regarding some rare complications that may occur following extractions. Continuing Dental Education must include lectures and videos regarding managing some rare complications that can occur during dental surgical procedures.

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