2016 | Month: | Volume:3 | Issue:2 | Page:96-102

Dermatophytosis: A Clinico-mycological profile from a tertiary care hospital

Dermatophytosis, one of the most common diseases around the world shows a widespread prevalence in a tropical country like India, it is thus important to know their pattern of etiology and clinical presentation. The study aimed to determine the clinical variants of dermatophytosis and species of fungi responsible for the disease in this region. A total of 1590 samples collected which included skin, hair and nail for a period of 2 years and was processed based on standard protocol. Out of 1590 samples taken, 784(49.3%) were KOH positive for fungal elements and 747 (46.98%) were culture positive. Trichophyton mentagrophytes 214(13.46%) was the predominant species isolated. Tinea corporis 911(57.30%) was the commonest clinical type seen. The study highlighted Tinea corporis to be the most common clinical type with multiple etiological agents and T.mentagrophytes as the most common etiological agent involved in various clinical conditions.

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