2016 | Month: | Volume:3 | Issue:1 | Page:24-33

Histopathological study of Lymph node lesions

Lymph node biopsy and histopathological examination (HPE) is an extremely important investigation helpful in differentiating between reactive and neoplastic states including lymphomas, sarcomas, histiocytosis and leukemias. Lymph node biopsy is also helpful in differentiating between primary and secondary malignant lesions of the lymph node. The present study was carried out in the Department of Pathology, Kannur Medical College, Kannur, on patients with clinically palpable lymph nodes i.e. either localised or generalised lymphadenopathy. The cervical lymph node was excised in preference to axillary and inguinal nodes. Among the non-neoplastic lesions tuberculous lymphadenitis (34.2%) and among the neoplastic lesions, metastatic carcinomas (19.90%) were the most common. Lymphomas comprised approximately 4% of the cases. Non-neoplastic lesions were most common in the 20-30 year age group whereas neoplastic lesions were most common in the 51-60 year age group. HPE on properly selected and excised lymph nodes enables one to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

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