2015 | Month:December | Volume:2 | Issue:3 | Page:168-171

Computed Tomography guided transthoracic aspiration of a central bronchogenic cyst in an inoperable adult- A case study

A bronchogenic cyst is a developmental anomaly which arises as a result of abnormal budding of the tracheobronchial tree during the course of its development. It usually presents during early life or rarely in adults. The presentation may be asymptomatic or with compressive symptoms like cough, dyspnoea or chest pain. The definitive treatment in symptomatic cases is surgical resection, although, in inoperable patients, a transthoracic aspiration with follow-up is an alternative measure. We present a 70-year old symptomatic female with cerebrovascular and ischaemic heart disease who was treated symptomatically by transthoracic aspiration because of inoperable co-morbidities and is presently asymptomatic under follow-up.

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