2015 | Month:December | Volume:2 | Issue:3 | Page:163-167

Papillary–verrucous lesion of the oral mucosa: A need for detailed histopathological examination

Verrucous carcinoma is a rare type of low grade, histopathological variant of well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. It has a gradual growth potential. The tumor has high tendency for local destruction of the tissue but seldom metastasizes. A long standing verrucous carcinoma can be transformed to frank conventional invasive squamous cell carcinoma. Here, we report a case of a 56--year old male patient who reported to our hospital with complaint of a growth in the right cheek region since 4 weeks. The case was diagnosed on clinical grounds as verrucous carcinoma, which in incisional biopsy exhibited focal areas of dysplastic epithelial changes, warranting the possibility of frank invasion in the other areas of the lesion which was confirmed in excised biopsy specimen. This points to the need of a detailed histopathological examination, while evaluating verruco-papillary lesions of oral mucosa.

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