2015 | Month:April | Volume:2 | Issue:1 | Page:01-02

Impact of Health Insurance

The cost of medical care is skyrocketing daily which is unaffordable for the common man.The number of corporate hospitals in the country is increasing; small hospitals and nursing homes which were catering to the middle class people are almost on the verge of vanishing. There is also mushrooming and competition seen among health insurance providers.  The common man without insurance coverage finds it very difficult to afford the high cost of healthcare.The doctor’s approach towards the insured patient changes automatically and he quickly responds in a different way.Millions of people fearing such a type of approach by the doctors and the heavy bills of hospitals have ended up taking the insurance coverage.


Rising above commercial considerations, doctors should be more cautious and judicious in managing patients irrespective of their insurance coverage. Awareness must be created among the general public about aggressive management.

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