2015 | Month:April | Volume:2 | Issue:1 | Page:30-35

Prescription pattern of drugs during pregnancy in a tertiary care centre: A retrospective study

Despite the absence of adequate studies on the safety and effectiveness of prescribing drugs during pregnancy evidence available shows that physicians prescribe and pregnant women self medicate surprisingly large number of drugs. This study is designed to evaluate the current drug utilization pattern during Pregnancy. The retrospective study involved data collected from 150 pregnant women who have delivered in the tertiary care hospital. Information regarding the gravida, number of ANC visits per pregnant woman, disease status and the drugs prescribed during pregnancy was collected. The data were analysed using SPSS and descriptive statistics was used. Around 90% of pregnant women attended more than 3 ANC visits and among diseases suffered pre-eclampsia was the most frequent (45.33%) followed by gastrointestinal disturbances (32%). Nutritional supplements including iron and folic acid supplements were the most commonly prescribed in more than 93% which is followed by tetanus toxoid(92%). Cephalosporin was the most commonly prescribed antimicrobials for systemic infections. Most of the Drugs consumed belong to category A, B & C of FDA categorisation while only 2 drugs i.e. Diazepam & Atenolol belonged to Category D. Majority of the pregnant women attended Antenatal Clinic as per the WHO guidelines. The drug utilization pattern was found to be rational in this study as almost all the drugs prescribed were compatible with the FDA categorisation. The most frequently observed medical condition was Pre-eclampsia. 

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