2014 | Month:July | Volume:1 | Issue:1 | Page:10-18

Study of variations in medial sural cutaneous nerve, lateral sural cutaneous nerve and peroneal communicating nerve.

The sural nerve complex includes the Medial sural cutaneous nerve (MSCN), Lateral sural cutaneous nerve (LSCN), Peroneal communicating nerve (PCN) and Sural nerve. The sural nerve is the most frequently used donor nerve for peripheral nerve grafting. LSCN can be an alternative to sural nerve in situations requiring a limited length of nerve graft material, the peroneal communicating nerve may also be harvested.  Fifty lower limb specimens were dissected and data was collected. The study included 16 male and 9 female cadavers. MSCN was observed in all 50 specimens, out of which 74% specimens had normal course and 22% had a transmuscular course. LSCN was present in 82% of specimens. PCN was arising from Common Peroneal Nerve (CPN) directly in 16% and as a common trunk with LSCN in 14% of specimens. PCN was absent in 28% of cases.  So knowledge of variation in these nerves will help the surgeons while considering these nerves for nerve grafting.

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