2014 | Month:January | Volume:1 | Issue:2 | Page:48-58

Ebola virus disease: Getting to know a new emerging foe!

<p>Viral hemorrhagic fevers have been at the top of the severity scale in terms of morbidity and mortality among human beings. Many of the viruses have their reservoirs in animal kingdom and from time to time they get introduced to humans and cause sporadic outbreaks and epidemics. Thousands of people from the Western African region have already succumbed to the complications due to Ebola virus infection.</p>\n<p>The South East Asian region including India has been affected by several outbreaks of communicable diseases like SARS, bird flu, swine flu etc. The current outbreak has been a global concern due to its spread beyond the African continent. WHO has declared EVD as an international health emergency and worldwide efforts have been enhanced to escalate research to find a vaccine or cure for the disease.</p>\n<p> </p>

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